The Roman Baths, Bath UK
Photo by Andy Fletcher

The Roman Baths

Bubbling up from deep below Bath’s busy streets, the thermal water which fills the magnificent Roman Baths has been a source of pilgrimage for centuries

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The Roman Bath complex is one of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world and offers a true glimpse into one of the most fascinating parts of the city’s tantalising history. A place of worship going as far back as the Celts, the springs were once dedicated to the goddess Sulis - who the Romans connected with their own goddess Minerva - and they memorialised this when they later named the town Aquae Sulis or “the waters of Sulis”.

Promising an incredible day out, the family activities, activity trails, audio-guides and costumed characters all help to bring Roman Bath to life - helping visitors to step back in time and discover some of the sites most precious secrets.

A walk around the complex is a great way to spend the afternoon, and finishes up heading past the Georgian Pump Rooms, where cream teas, classical music and beautiful historic architecture await. You can even sample the famous Bath waters, a highly mineralised, strange-tasting water straight from the spring - which has been used for curative purposes for two thousand years.

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The chance to talk to Bath's Roman residents. Learn about Roman daily life in Aquae Sulis from the people who lived here - there's Flavia and Apulia, a Roman lady and her slave girl, or the priest from the Temple, Gaius Calpernius Receptus, or Peregrinus, the travelling merchant.



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