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Cabot Tower

A monument to one of Bristol's most famous adventurers

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Tucked away at the side of Bristol’s busy Park Street shopping district, Cabot Tower surveys the magnificent view overlooking Brandon Hill Nature Reserve, across Bristol and out to the Mendip Hills. 

Cabot Tower was built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s voyage of discovery – the famous explorer left Bristol onboard The Matthew, and although intending to find Asia, landed on the coast of Newfoundland, Canada in 1497. 

From the top of Cabot Tower, the whole of Bristol unfolds into the distance – making the steep climb well worth it, especially on a clear day. 

Courtesy Visit Bristol
Brandon Hill, Cabot Tower with foliage in foreground

Did you know?

The light at the top of the tower, which flashes to warn any low flying aircraft, is said to read out ‘Welcome to Bristol’ in morse code.

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