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St John on the Wall

Around seven hundred years ago, St John’s Church was built into the walls surrounding the city of Bristol

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Travellers would come here to pray for luck before a journey, and for thanks as they re-entered the safety of the city. Today, travellers visit the church to find out about its medieval history and its continued importance in Bristol’s story.

The church is brimming with thought-provoking remnants of past stories and Bristol legends: the mythical founders of the city, Brennus and Bellinus, can be seen peering from the south side of the gateway, whilst deep below the building lies a 14th century vault full of symbolic panels and ancient tombs.

St John on the Wall church marks the edge of the Old City - head up Broad Street towards St Nick’s Market for some fabulous shopping, delectable street food and ancient architecture. 

Did you know?

St John on the Wall was actually built into the city's walls, acting as part of the defences and as a place for travellers to offer prayers before a journey.


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