The Rondo Theatre opens its doors to the theatre goers of Bath
Credit; The Rondo Theatre

Local voices: The secret to The Rondo's charm

“It's like someone built a theatre in their living room”.

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Ian McGlynn

Director and writer Ian McGlynn runs the small, but perfectly formed, Rondo Theatre in Bath.

March 11th, 2019

The Rondo is small but attracts big names and is loved by audiences and performers alike – why’s that?

We’re a very friendly venue, and we’re always aware that people are coming to us to have a good time – whether they’re audience or performers. We try to take the stress out of things as much as we can. 

The theatre’s a lovely space to perform in - theatre companies and comedians are always knocked out by the space when they first see it – and that really helps us punch above our weight when it comes to acts looking at booking a tour.

The view of the stage of the Rondo theatre from the audience Credit: Rondo Theatre
The view of the stage from the audience

What does the future hold?

A continued focus on new writing and emerging theatre companies – that’s really the core of what we do, and what motivates us to make the theatre the best it can be. 

We’re also about to launch a big fundraising drive to upgrade the seating and improve our front of house access.

The Rondo is in Larkhall, an area of Bath described as ‘laid back’ and ‘bohemian’. What’s so special about Larkhall? 

Lots of great businesses, mostly locally owned, and supported by the community. Great local pubs – the Rose & Crown for a modern, friendly, gastro experience, and the Larkhall Inn for an authentic local boozer (with a great beer garden for the summer!). 

Goodies is an amazing deli, Ma Cuisine does gourmet food to take home, plus is now opening as a bistro in the evenings, Beaufort Books is a brilliant bookshop that has a Lego club on a Saturday, Bear Grills does the best burgers in Bath, there’s a farm shop, an organic butcher, a Thali restaurant – and we couldn’t survive without Langbridge Home Hardware, an old-fashioned, sell-everything personal service hardware shop.

Credit: Theatre Bath
ACTA's production of Gas Girls at The Rondo

Three words to describe Bath to someone who’s never been here

Cultural, gorgeous, fun!

Don’t leave Bath without…

Coming to The Rondo, obviously. But also, there are so many independent pubs, shops and quirky businesses scattered across the city – check out the Marlborough Tavern, My Small World toyshop and No. 1 Royal Crescent. Oh, and I think there’s some kind of Roman bath type thingy here too?

 For details about all events at the Rondo click here.

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